2013 AAU Basketball State Tournaments Begin In March

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School basketball is winding down, and AAU basketball is upon us. For a complete list of AAU tournament dates click here or go to www.PlayKBA.com

There are 3 competition levels in AAU. Here is a brief description of each:

Division 1 (D1) – Teams that love great competition and playing against the best teams, win or lose. These are generally teams that win a high percentage of the large tournaments they enter

Division 2 (D2) – Generally teams that are among the top 3-4 teams in each tournament they enter and are competitive against most teams. These are mainly teams comprised of kids from the same area of the district. Teams who play in Division 1 and do not
qualify for Division 1 Nationals may play in Division 2.

Division 3 (D3) – Generally local area teams, start up teams, and school teams. Teams who did not qualify for Division 2 Nationals may play in Division 3. All teams who play in
the Division 3 district tournament qualify for Division 3 Nationals.

Here are the 2012 Boys & Girls AAU State Champions:

Boys 2nd Grade – Go Hard In The Paint Elite

Boys 3rd Grade – D1 – Lexington Lightning D2 – Walton Verona

Boys 4th Grade – D2 – The Ville D3 – Lex. Celtics

Boys 5th Grade – D1 – KY Playmakers D2 – The Ville D3 – Shining Stars

Boys 6th Grade – D1 – KY Gators D2 – Harlan Co Knights D3 – Lex. Future

Boys 7th Grade – D1 – KY Elite D2 – NKY Tarheels D3 – Lex. Future

Boys 8th Grade – D1 – Hoop Dreams. D2 – F.O.C.U.S. D3 – River Starz

Boys 9th Grade – Hoop Dreams – KY Tigers

Boys 10th Grade – Hoop Dreams

Boys 11th Grade – Louisville Magic

Girls 4th Grade – D1 – NKY Royals D2 – Sparx

Girls 5th Grade – D1 – Gametime D2 – CKY Sparx

Girls 6th Grade – D1 – Legacy D2 – Bluegrass Lady Diamonds

Girls 7th Grade – D1 – KY Blast D2 – East Lady Chargers

Girls 8th Grade – D1 – Charlotte Ct D2 – Bluegrass Lady Diamonds

Girls 9th Grade – KY Blast

Girls 10th Grade – Shining Stars

Girls 11th Grade – F.O.C.U.S.



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